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14th May 2015

I ain't been too well of late, the pain in my legs and feet is getting worse with each day that passes. I am taking more painkillers with each day that passes to combat it, trouble is, the ones I'm on have a warning on them about addiction, I've already taken six today and it's only 13:45. I've seen addicts and it's not a pretty sight.

On an up note, I'm thinking about taking up writing again. Before I was diagnosed with my illness, I used to write a lot, short stories, poetry, even on role play sites, I loved it, I always found it relaxing and calming. But the thoughts in my head were just a fuddled mess which made things difficult to think about, including life itself.  

I'm still having the damn nightmares, not so often now, but they're still haunting me. I'm still having the damn flashbacks. I scared the crap out of the better half the other day. I was sort of dozing and a flashback started, she's never seen me have one before, I screamed out which made her jump, I'm a silly ass.  

I have had some good news as well. Two of my three grandchildren are coming to stay for a week in August, I haven't seen them for, at a guess, near on three years. I am so looking forward to that.

I'm doing myself some lunch so till next time.