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21st January 2015

It's almost a year that my eldest daughter gave up talking to me, she reckoned it was because she stood up to me, which is utter bullshit, she said that I called her an unfit mother, which I didn't, I tried to help her and she misunderstood what I was trying to say and do. Do I give a shit that she isn't talking to me? Nope, I don't, I ain't got long to last anyway, so I am just getting on with my life, what there is of it, what with this PTSD and the god damn pain in my legs and feet and of course the after effects of my stroke. 
I was talking to my wife last night about moving, the stairs are just getting too much, maybe that is a major factor of me not going out and making me agoraphobic, which, as far as I am concerned makes a lot of sense. We were talking about down sizing, where did that word come from? It used to be 'moving to a smaller place', also on the ground floor, which would be great, only problem being we would have to sell so much stuff, the money would be nice, I guess.
Talking of strange words these days, it really bugs me when people use such things, like 'sick' it now means 'good or cool' where did that come from? Sick means that someone is ill, doesn't it? 
When I was on the buses a black guy got on with no money and said that I was 'dis' ing him, what? where did that one come from? It took me me ages to find out that he meant 'disrespecting him,' jeez, as if having to put up with all this metric crap isn't enough, we have to put up with a load of 'yankisms' as well.
Am I the only one that realizes that what ever America starts, this country has to do also? words, graffiti and not forgetting all these stupid finger signs, I must be getting old, I'm 58 in March, two years off being 60, oh my God, what a horrible thought, trouble is, inside, I still feel 21, oh how I wish. 
Then there is these attacks by radical Muslims, has it changed anyone else's view of these people? It certainly has changed mine, I have to say I don't trust any of them, every one of them read the Koran, so when they all start piping off that don't like what the radicals are doing, I just stick my fingers up to them, I have seen that these so-called peace loving Muslims are just all liars and full of bullshit. go to Luton, you will find there loads of Muslims who, protest and call our army guys scum and such, also they call our police the same, it won't be long before the guns and bombs start going off here in our own country, saying that, is it our country? I don't know anymore, I guess we got used to the IRA so I guess we'll have to get used to these arseholes as well.