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Monday 7th July

I've had a reasonable weekend, which makes a nice change. My grandchildren came visiting and they always make me feel so much better. 
I went to see my GP on Friday, I keep getting these mood swings, I asked my GP to increase my venlafaxine, which he did for two weeks, hopefully it calms me down and I might get these moods I keep having under control
I do have a problem however. I keep getting these pains in my head, mainly on the right side, just above my ear. I get this tingling sensation as well, it's goes right around my head in the upper part of my head, it feels weird. It has been going on now for a few weeks, about ten to twelve weeks, it seems to be getting a little worse, but not so bad that it's causing any real problems .... Yet.
Yesterday (Sunday) I had to lie down for a while because I had a blinder of a headache, but after a couple of hours sleep it had gone, maybe because I had only two hours sleep and was up at 3:45am. 
Today I dozed off in my chair, only for a few minutes, I felt like someone was bending over me, imagination? my mind playing tricks on me? I don't know, maybe it could have been a new flashback, I used to hate people leaning over me because I felt threatened.
Anyway it's nearly midnight and I got to go make a cuppa, maybe a bit of toast too.

I will be back soon......